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Calling on Crystal Angels

    You need to Arouse Your Crystal Angel After you get a New stone Gift.

     For Instance, you may silently say, " Divine Love and light of creation and healing angels, I call upon you now. Please assist, guide, and protect me in [ state your intention for the healing or manifestation]. I ask that your wisdom, love, and light be sent through me and magnified through the crystals for the purposes of healing and the highest will. Thank you."

    In addition to your guardian angels, you can call upon the "Crystal Angels"--angels who specialize in helping us unite with the energy of Divine love within the earth's rosk, minerals, and crystals. Judith remembers the first time she connected with a Crystal Angel: " When I first started connecting crystal energy, I sensed that there was a presence with me. Not just the crystalline frequency, but also energy of celestial lightness surrounding me with love. At first I thought it was my guardian angel or perhaps the archangels, then I came to know ' Crystal ' (the name of the particular Crystal Angel who came to me). Her vibration is nurturing, as if Mother Earth has been given form. I see her joyful essence in hues of soft golden light with shades of pink and green , reminding me of rainbow inclusions within a clear quartz crystal when the light dances upon it."

    As you practice crystal therapy, invite the Crystal Angels to join you. They'll assist you in making crystal selections and understanding mineral wisdom. Their Message is simple yet, powerful : " Relax and breathe, You are surrounded by support from Heaven and Earth. No journey is ever made alone, When you have a question, ask , and you'll receive the knowledge you seek. Trust in your ability to discern what's appropriated for you. Listen with an open heart, for me come to you together with resplendent gems of wisdom, bringing secrets forgotten and now reclaimed."

  The Crystal Angels and your guardian angels will guide you in selecting which crystal to work with during your crystal-therapy session,  or you can refer to my next blog post to select a stone aligned with your intentions. Your angels will hold your hand, showing you how and where to hold the crystal. This guidance will come in the form of gut feelings, intuition, visions, words, or thoughts. if you have doubts or fears about your abilities, mentally call upon Archangel Michael, who gives us courage and clears away fears. (Just think, Archangel Michael, and He'll come to your side immediately -guaranteed.)

    You can call upon these angels, the angels of the person to whom you're sending healing energy, the archangels, or a combination. We always believe that the more help that comes to us, the better.

    Archangels are the managers of our guardian angels, and they're one type of the nine varieties of angels (which include angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim). Of these nin forms, the angels and archangels are the most involved with helping Earth and her Inhabitants.

    Archangels are larger and more powerful than angels. they' re nonphysical, yet they're very palpable, audible, and visible as you tune in to them. As nonphysical celestial beings, they don't have genders;  however, their specific specialties and characteristics give them distinctive male and female energies and personas.

  The study and writings about archangels are ancient and nondenominational - in fact, age-old monotheistic spiritual texts list 15 of them. They are sometimes called by different names, but here are the most common ones, along with their specialties and characteristics to help you decide whom to call upon during your crystal-therapy sessions:

  • Ariel. Hel name means " Lioness of God, " and she heals and helps wild animals and the environment.
  • Azrael . His name means " Whom God Helps," and he heals grief and helps those who are consoling the bereaved.
  • Chamuel. His name means " He who sees God." Chamuel heals anxiety, brings global and personal peace; and helps find lost objects, situations, and people.
  • Gabriel. Her name means " Messenger of God." Gabriel helps and heals during conception; pregnancy and childbirth; heals anxiety regarding creative projects; and especially helps parents, journalists, and orators.
  • Haniel. Her name means " Glory of God, " and she heals female cycles and helps with clairvoyance.
  • Jeremiel. His name means " Mercy of God." He heals emotions, and helps us review and take inventory of our life so that we may forgive and plan positive changes.
  • Jophiel. Her name means " Beauty of God". Jophiel heals negativity and chaos; and brings beauty and organization to our thoughts, home, office, and other environments.
  • Metatron. Formerly the prophet Enoch, Metatron heals learning disorders and childhood issues, and helps with the new Indigo and Crystal Children. (Because they were prophets who ascended to archangeldom, Metatron and Sandalphon don't have literal Hewbrew translations with respect to the meanings of their names.)
  • Michael. His name means " He who is like God." He releases us from fear and doubt, protects us, and clears away negativity.
  • Raguel. His name means " He who heals. " Raphael heals physical illnesses of humans and animals, and guides healers and would-be healers.
  • Raziel. His Name means " Secrets of God." He heals spiritual and psychic blocks, and helps us with dream interpretation and past-life memories.
  • Sandalphon. Formely the prophet Elijah, Sandalphon heals aggressive tendencies, and helps musicians and music used for healing purposes.
  • Uriel. His name means " God is Light." Uriel heals resentment and unforgiveness, and gives us insight and new ideas.
  • Zadkiel. His name means " Righteousness of God", and he heals memory and mental functioning.

    In addition to calling upon the angels and archangels, you may wish to invoke the power and assistance of the ascended master. These beings are great humans who helps us from the spirit world, and many of them are legendary teachers and healers of various religions and cultures, such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Quan Yin, Ganesh, the saints, and the goddesses. you'll also likely meet some ascended masters who come to you during your crystal-therapy sessions. For More information, please refer to Doreen's Book, Archangesl & Ascended Masters.

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