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Crystals and intentions

crystal healing crystal therapy crystals and intentions

    Crystal therapy is an intuitive way of working with stones to effect healings of all varieties. When you work with the stones, you'll invoke the angels' energy and guidance.  You'll also be channeling Divine light through your body, then into the crystal, and into the person or animal receiving the healing energy. This process will likely feel like second nature, as you've probably engaged in a version of crystal therapy in a prior lifetime or during your dreamtime soul travels. You'll rediscover that such therapy is a joyful and uplifting experience for both the healer and the " healee."

  As you conduct crystal therapy, keep in mind that your intention sets the tone for the outcome, and because crystals amplify energy, they'll also boost your underlying intention. So, before beginning a healing session, take the time to center and quiet your mind and body. Ask yourself, " What are my intentions with this session?"

  Be honest with yourself, For instance, if you sense any motivation to impress others with your " special healing gifts," realize that this is an ego-related intention. There's no shame in it, since everyone falls into such traps occasionally. However, if you work with crystals with the intention of impressing others, then the energy of the underlying fear (" what if they don't like me?") is what will be boosted.

  If you find yourself in this situation, focus on the thought, Archangels Jophiel, Michael, and Raphael, please hlelp me hold pure intentions of light, love and service. These angels (described in more detail later on) will help you channel from your Higher Self instead of your ego.

  Another ego-based intention that can block healing is the belief that your client is the cource of your income. In truth, the light and the lvoe flowing through you and into your client are the Source of all that you need. Approaching a session with a fear of financial lack will put the intentions upon that fear, and diminish the flow of healing energy. There's nothing wrong with accepting money for healing work-in face, when a client gives you money or some other type of payment, it's a healthy and advisable energy exchange for both parties. However, it's important to understand that compensation is a natural part of the universal law of giving and receiving. It doesn't come from your client, it flows through him or her from the Source of all.

  Also, make sure that you're not handing Heaven a script that says, " I want the healing session to look this way, with these specific results. " Outlining your desired results to Heaven can block you from receiving a better or more ingenious outcome, so don't worry about or try to tell the Universe How the healing should occur. Remember that the Divine and infinite wisdom of the Universe often wants more for us that we do for ourselves, and that the Source is also privy to wonderfully creative ways to manifest a healing. Leave " the how" of any healing or manifestation up to God, and you'll enjoy it more, feel less personal strain, and experience more fruitful outcomes.

  The best intentions, those that are most conducive to healing and manifestation, include the following:

  • To be a clear channel of Divine love and light.
  • To be of pure service to the being with whom you're woking.
  • To clearly hear, see, feel and know the angels' guidance during the session.
  • To be an instrument of healing, with the highest possible outcome, for everyone's best good.
  • To bring blessings to the world and all who inhabit it.

  These goals open you up, like the clearest and most powerful crystal, to be a conduit of magnified healing energy. You can also ask your angels, guides, Creator, and Higher Self to guide and cleanse your thoughts. Crystal clear intentions maximize the energy that flows through you and the stone.

  Once you've set your desires for the session, you may wonder if you'll know what to do while working with the  crystals. Don't worry- instead, trust and have faith that during each moment, you'll be given clear guidance that you can easily understand. The pure intentions that you set have guaranteed a wonderful healing session and outcome.

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