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Manmade VS Natural

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  As you work with crystals, you'll hear a lot of terms that can seem confusing and complicated at first. Yet, as you get to know the origins of stones, you'll soon understand the differences between crystals, minerals, rocks, and gemstones.

  • Crystals often refer to clear quartz formations, yet they're also the minuscule forms of chemical elements.
  • Minerals are chemical elements with a separate constitution, such as salt or sulphur.
  • Rocks and stones are combinations of minerals formed from a unique mix of elements and environmental circumstances.
  • Gemstones are described as semiprecious or precious based upon their color, availability, and mining requirements. The four most precious stones are the emerald, diamond, ruby, and sapphire.

    As you shop for crystals, you may discover that some of them are human-made, while others are created naturally by Mother Earth. In most cases, human-made stones are less expensive, so it can be tempting to buy them for a seemingly bargain price. but before you make that purchase, take a moment to explore their energy. Compare how you feel while holding a human-made stone, after you've held a natural one. you'll probably sense a greater amount of warm, loving energy from the natural stone.

    Naturally produced stones are the outpouring of Mother Earth's history, Love and knowledge; and those such as moldavite are gifts from Heaven's cosmic treasure chest.  Synthetics can be used in crystal therapy, but it doesn't happen often. Many people find that their energy vibrates differently than it does with the authentic stone. In part, the difference is age: Organically formed stones contain the wisdom of the earth's cycles, while artificial ones have a younger energy. From this perspective, it's important to understand how minerals are formed, mined, and marketed, in conjunction with how they'll be used in your practice of crystal therapy.

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