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Crystal Therapy Form 4

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Laying on of stones: Crystal healing frequently involves the application of specific crystals to the physical body in order to assist in the mending process. several techniques for preventive and regenerative clearing are available. They' re usually performed in partnership with a certified practitioner, who will use intuitive placement as well as standard layouts. Judith says, " Many of my clients need assistance to heal their emotional pain. One of the best methods is to lay a circle of rose quartz crystals on the chest, which helps them remember to integrate Divine love through crystal-energy channels."

Meditation: Selecting and using crystals are meditation companions can be a tremendous energy accelerator. Using a double-terminated  (points on both ends) clear quartz crystal can help increase the flow of Divine energy moving in and out of your being on all levels.

Personal Development: Everyone has areas of potential improvement or development. Working with a corresponding stone speeds the progress while deepening the healing experience. For example, citrine build confidence, fluorite deepens spiritual connection, and amethyst enhances clairvoyance. You can receive these benefits by holding the crystals, wearing them, meditating upon them, or a combination of all these methods.

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