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Crystal Therapy Form 3

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  • Feng Shui: Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement, in which everything in our environment has meaning and purpose. Crystals are natural earthly elements that are often included in the intricate balancing of chi (energy) within homes and buildings. 
  • Color Therapy: Colored stones contain many of the same traits associated with color therapy, which normally includes tinted light or small bottles of dual-colored liquids, as in Aura-Soma ( the therapy combining the healing energies of colors, plants, and crystals). Selecting representative stones allows for an increased ability to intensify or balance life. For example, a ruby reflects life-giving red energy, similar to blood flowing with ease throughout body. Rose quartz represents unconditional love, which corresponds with the vibration of the harmonious, universal love felt with pink.
  • Elixirs: Adding powdered crystals to water creates a potent elixir. This ancient medicinal tool demands extensive knowledge to ensure that appropriate stones are used in the liquid, since the mineral kingdom contains numerous combinations of chemicals. Ingesting any mixture requires a sound understanding of the probable and potential effects on the physical body. For this reason, we recommend that you work with a certified practitioner, such as a homeopathic physician or a nutritionist, rather than creating elixirs unsupervised.

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