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Crystal Therapy Form 2

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  • Jewelry: Wearing stones is very helpful, especially in the heart and throat areas. in this way, belts can add a new dimension by establishing a solid transmission near the solar plexus, while specific crystals can be used as adornments and healing tools as needed. The selection is best when made according to your planned activities and feeling that day emotional associations can be found with what your have wearing with.

  • Crystal Baths: Acting as a cleansing agent, salt and mineral baths help keep the auric field clean by removing the residue of old or unwanted energy. you can put your crystals into the bathtub while you soak to boost the healing properties of the bathwater.
    Select the one associated with your desired intention (such as tangerine quartz to enhance creativity) using the chart in Chapter 7 of this book. Sea-salt baths and crystals work especially well in partnership with flower essences. However, try to select stones that are sturdy enough for salt water (or test them out first- for example, selenite, a type of gypsum, will melt unter these conditiona.)Also note that stones can be placed on a dry spot near the bath, and their beneficial effects and energy exchange will still occur.
  • Drunking Water: Adding clear and polished crystals to drinking water will help elevate the liquid's vibration while intensifying its healing aspects. (Note: Caution should be used to avoid swallowing any stones.)

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