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Crystal -Therapy Forms 1

Crystal therapy takes many different forms, and the common thread is that crystals are tools that amplify your intentions to heart. Here are some ways that you may choose to use them: 

  • Angelic Communication: Hold (or meditate near) celestite and angelite, coupled with your intention to communicate with your guardian angels and archangels. Of course, crystals are's required in order to hear and talk with angels. However, these particular stones are so attuned to the angelic realm that they act like megaphones, turning up the volume on your conversations with Heaven.
  • Astral Travel: In astral or out-of -body travel, your soul soars freely throughout the Universe while safely attached to your body by a Divine silver cord. Holding or wearing apophyllite while meditation on yourintention to make this journey can jump-start and enhance the experience

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