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A kinship with crystals

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  Our Old Friends, the Crystals

        Have you ever considered how your life is touched by the renaissance of crystals in today's culture? Modern technology uses ancient natural crystals to boost radio waves and for " newly" discovered vibrational medicine using crystal energy. Home decor stores sell crystals as decorations, and powdered crystals are ingredients in mainstream beauty products (as they were in ancient Egypt). Mineral awareness is soaring, and acceptance of crystal power is growing, so it's the perfect time to practice crystal therapy.

      How can Crystals help us?

     Crystals amplify their own energy, as well as the Divine Universal energy that has different names, including Spirit, chi, qi, prana, Light and love, and Reiki. The term crystal therapy refers to working with crystals' live energy and voice in conjunction with Divine Energy. Crystal therapy helps you to better hear, feel, and know the voice of Spirit during your healing session. The crystals work especially by assisting you in healing and helping you communicate with your guardian angels. Since crystal therapy is an intuitive healing process, it's normal for psychic ability to increase as you work with the stones.

       Read our blog, explore more...

        With stone therapy, Heaven and nature have come together to create a vast array of combinations and structures. As you visit our website, read our blog, remember that the mineral kingdom happily welcomes you to explore the beauty, power, and joy of crystals.

                                          Love the world, Love stone, Love ourselves!

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